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Captain Tall Tale's
Rock n Wild Times
(Live Show)

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Live show for the whole family to enjoy!

Available for Festivals, Schools, Theme Parks, and Birthday Parties. 

Captain Tall Tale's Rock n Wild Times is a dance party where all members of the family get to join in on the fun all while focusing on the show's main theme, confidence. 


The show in acts: 

Teach a dance Groove. 

The best way to learn is to teach. 

Children teach the Captain their best dance moves. 


Confidence through dance: 

Children learn confidence best from their parents, coaches, and teachers' habits. 

This act lets children see their parents showcase their confidence.


Ladies of Rock n Roll: 

A brand new rock song celebrating ladies. 

Because Bubbles That's Why: 

If there is one thing children love most it's bubbles. 

The new song by Captain Tall Tale celebrates bubbles all while bubbles fly through the air. 



To book Captain Tall Tale for your event pleasee submit the form:

Thanks for contacting Captain Tall Tale, LLC, you will be messaged asap. 

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