Day One:

 Who is Captain Tall Tale 

Captain Tall Tale's

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Welcome to your first day and first Step Into Adventure. 

Today's focus is on you. While learning to adventure and to change the world for the better, the first place is to start with yourself and to know who you really are. Make sure to watch today's video and then get your journal out for today's mission. 


Write in your journal these questions and then answer them. 


Who are you? 

What do you like?

What do you not like?

What things upset you?

What things make you happy?

What things are you trying to accomplish in life?

What are you doing to accomplish these things?

What is the definition of your name?

Are you named after someone?

If you need help on your mission here are ideas from Captain Tall Tale's Journal:

I'm Captain Tall Tale, 8'3" adventurer. 

I like to adventure because I like to learn, I like to push myself to accomplish my goals. I like to meet people and learn about their culture. 

I like dancing, hula hooping, hiking, jumping rope, playing with friends, making friends, playing board games, being silly, trying out new things, teaching, spinning a rope like a cowboy, and many more things. 

I don't like mean people, I don't like inconsiderate people. I don't like loud noises, arguments, fighting, lying, stealing, and many other things, but those are what comes to mind with I think about the things I don't like the most. 

The thing that upset me the most is inconsiderate people, meaning people that don't care about other people's feelings. People being unkind to animals upsets me. I think animals should care for treated with respect. 

The things I'm trying to accomplish in life is to change the world for the better and to help others adventure through life safely while being happy and enjoying every bit of their life. 

I am attempting to accomplish this by getting others to join Captain Tall Tale's Adventure Club so that we can all learn and help each other in the world by learning the principles of being kind, moral, caring, and understanding. I think peace is obtainable if we come together on an understanding of a definition of peace that works for all of us and if we all work together to live in peace. 

My name Captain is a title that I earned by owning my own boat. 

Tall is the name my parents named me because they thought it would be fun if it went along with the family's last name of Tale, which comes from my family's long line of storytellers in the family. 


Enjoy the first day and make sure to join tomorrow as we learn what is adventure.

-Adventure on!