Step Into Adventure Quest

Weekends were made for Adventure.

-Captain Tall Tale

Month Two




Welcome to

Captain Tall Tale's Adventure Club

Membership into Captain Tall Tale's Adventure Club is earned by taking the free Step Into Adventure Quest. A series of videos teaching daily lessons of what it means to be a member of the club. Each day aspiring members will be given a mission to complete. These missions are focused on learning the foundational principles of the club and shows how to apply them. 


Captain Tall Tale's Adventure Club is a club for those that want to come together with other like minded adventurer's that want to change the world for the better striving to build a moral world of Peace, Love, Friendship, Knowledge, and Understanding. 


Members follow the three steps to a safe adventure: Prepare, Explore, and Share.


The Step Into Adventure Quest is just the first step into adventure as the lessons learned to join the club are just the foundational lessons to understand what is expected of members. There are many more lessons adventurers can learn once they join the club. 


Dive in by starting the "Step Into Adventure Quest" and earn your membership into           Captain Tall Tale's Adventure Club.


Adventure On!