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What is Captain Tall Tale's Adventure Club?

Family time quest

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In your journal write:

-The platinum rule: 

Treat others the way they want to be treated.

-Write out your thoughts on the platinum rule.

-How do you best feel you can use the platinum rule and how you will use it. 


-Plan a time to have a family meeting that you get to lead. 


-Who will be there?


-What are the topics that will be discussed. 


-The goal is to speak about finding family time once a week or once a month together for at least one hour of focused family time.


Note: Every family is different, this may be difficult or hard to establish a time. All you can do is try. If the family can't get together for this time ask adventure companions/friends, or perhaps a teacher or coach to have time like this together. It is important to make an effort to bring the family together. 


-Decide what activities will happen at the family time. 


Note: Family Fun Times Adventure program has activities to lead in having fun together. 

-Adventure on!

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